Path of the Mystics


We can reach the seventh mansion, we only fail by not laying a good foundation for our Castle, and by not departing from all that shut out this light, and be not seeing ourselves in this mirror into which we are gazing and in which our image is engraved.                                                                                                                   St Teresa of Avila      

Path of the Mystics 

devotional performance with musical accompaniment

An evening of verse and stories from some of the great mystics describing the journey of our souls from darkness to light. Guided by Catholic mystic, St Teresa of Avila, we’ll journey together through the seven mansions described in her famous 16th century text ‘Interior Castle’.

At each stage of the soul’s path we’ll hear loving guidance, experiences and stories from other great mystics including Rumi, Lalla, Mirabai, Hafiz, St Catherine of Siena, and St John of the Cross.

Weaving deep clarity with humorous metaphor, their words describe the soul’s journey towards union with God, and the many difficulties and ecstasies experienced along the way.

Although the texts come from various spiritual contexts the descriptions of the soul’s mystical experiences seem to transcend all religious boundaries. They are an expression of the bond with divine love which unites us all. When the mystics’ texts are merged we can feel the presence of a great cloud of witnesses still guiding us today. Many voices yet one divine heart.


Path of the Mystics flyer


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